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We all know the struggle of growing membership as well as the investment of time, energy, and resources that goes into that process. When members do not renew, that hard work can seem for naught. If this is the case for your association, you are not alone. Here are 3 ways to re-engage lapsed members.


1. Create a re-engagement campaign.

Communication with lapsed members is key to having them return. Build a campaign to engage and encourage them to reconnect with the association by completing each of the following:

  • Email 1-2 days prior to expiration day – engaging with your members just before the lapse happens is a great way to get the attention of those who may be “on the fence” and to connect with those who may have simply forgotten before you lose them. Use this communication to remind them of their membership expiration and the many benefits they could miss out on by not renewing today.
  • Notify them at 30 days past expiration – members may have been too busy when the expiration email reached them, so checking in with them now gives them a gentle reminder without being too pushy. It also provides a second chance to renew if they simply missed out.
  • Final email of membership ending – the timing of this email will depend on the strategy of your association but should be sent at some point after the final expiration of their membership. This should also provide one last chance to renew. Your messaging should be friendly, allowing the door to remain open for them to return later, if not today.
  • Make the call where it counts – although calling every lapsed member might not be feasible, consider identifying specific groups, such as those that have been members for more than 2 years, or perhaps, those who were active in the association but have seemingly dropped off over time.

Engaging these members directly and obtaining their feedback could easily lead to renewals as well as valuable information for your association regarding retention.

**To save on time and resources, consider an automated system to send the emails suggested above**


2. Seek out support and action from active members.

One significant reason for lapsed members is a lack of engagement on the part of the association. If your members are not consistently engaging and interacting with you, they are likely not seeing the benefits and value of their membership. This is where your current members come into play. Reach out to active members and enlist them to be a part of your re-engagement campaign. Have them contact lapsed members and share their experiences and the value they find in the association. By offering the connection from current members, lapsed members can hear first-hand how the association benefits them, giving them reasons to reconsider.


3. Provide the option to customize membership.

The diversity of membership is important for the growth and contributions of an association. In the same vein, that diversity means that members will have different needs and wants. Consider offering tiered memberships or customizable options to encourage renewals. Providing options where cost may be a barrier for newer, younger members will keep them engaged and allow them to grow with the association. As they continue, they will likely expand their membership to include additional components as they see the increased value. As an association, be sure to create levels of membership that deliver clear and specific value. This will encourage membership and lead to renewals and retention.


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