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Member-based organizations thrive from their member retention rates. An organization needs to gain and keep their members in order to build a community and make people feel a part of something special. In a new era of technology, there are so many ways to engage members and keep them interested. In this blog post, we’ll dive into four strategies that will retain members for long-term success.

1. Provide Content & Resources of Value.

When people start looking for an association to join, the first thing they look for are the benefits they are offered. So the key to making your organization appealing to future members is the value you bring, including content and resources. By providing key knowledge such as exclusive videos and webinars, prime access to informational newsletters, etc., your members are more likely to invest themselves in their own education. This allows members to value the things they are learning and continue to come back because they feel more connected to the organization.


2. Make Member Communication a One-on-One Experience.

Members want to stay where they feel welcomed and appreciated. A key component to having members return year after year is a positive experience. When communicating with members, understand how to reach them and personalize that experience to make them feel more comfortable and understood. Having a member-focused platform where they can get immediate help is a way to create a welcoming atmosphere for members any time of the day.


3. Utilize Social Media, Technology, and More to Give Easy Access to information

Technology is a driving force for most people today, allowing a larger global reach. Social technology will be an important step for associations to communicate with their members. Social media will be a large contender when getting your message out, whether new offers, upcoming events, or even brand awareness to get people involved. SMS is a good way to notify members of the day-of events or important membership details. Finally, emails will be crucial for sending information to your members. These emails could have newsletters, event registration, articles/blog posts with information for their own personal.


4. Host Hybrid Events to Get More Members Involved

Association events will be an essential way to involve your members and immerse them in your organization’s community. The growing access to hybrid events allows members to have more availability, whether it is in-person or online. In-person events could include conferences with panels and break-out sessions and some happy hours and lunch-ins that allow people to network. Online events allow accessibility for anyone to join, and it is easier to join from the comfort of your home. These events could be personalized with engaging polls, happy hours, or fun Q&As. The hybrid format is becoming one of the most used event types due to the flexibility for members. This allows anyone to join no matter their restraints and members to have in-person interactions at these events, giving them the best of both worlds.


Member retention involves a lot of work from multiple departments of an organization, working together to create the best opportunity for membership growth. Having individualized membership communications, providing the best resources, using social technology to improve regular communication, and offering hybrid event options could significantly improve the retention and growth rate of members.