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Administration With an Eye for Detail

Day-to-day administration can often seem daunting and sometimes overwhelming, but diligent administration is what will keep an association running smoothly.

Administrators are the ones who get things done. Whether it’s handling  member calls, managing and processing paperwork, or ensuring the  association’s website is up-to-date, administrators play a key part in ensuring your association runs smoothly.

Efficient Administration is the Oil in the Engine of an Association

Effective administration starts with great planning and continues with careful implementation. Often-overlooked small tasks, when diligently performed, can make a big difference. Some of the daily tasks Stansfeld handles for associations include:

  • Managing Member Calls – Members make the association, so we ensure their calls are answered and the issues are handled in a timely, professional manner.
  • Email Newsletters – Our digital marketing team creates email newsletters and we distribute the newsletters to your members and maintain a database of all past newsletters.
  • Member Database Maintenance – We ensure maintain your membership databases and make sure all member information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Website Updates – Members will be looking to your website to provide the most current information on news and events. Our timely and consistent updating process keeps your association looking sharp and your members informed.

Guide to Growing Your Association


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Administration Benefits

When your association outsources administration tasks, it’s receiving the following benefits:

  • Frees Up Staff – When a few day-to-day administrators don’t have to focus on handling the small issues, they’re free to spend time working on the bigger picture company goals.
  • Provides Consistency and Coverage – Whether it’s high turnover in staff or board members, utilizing the services of an Association Management company will provide consistency over time.
  • Can Help Streamline – Association Mangers cater only to associations. This means having to learn and understand the specifics of how to run and manage associations of all sizes. This experience often lends itself to an improved and streamlined administration processes.

Stansfeld is here to remove the burden and worry from overtaxed administrators by owning and managing the entire administration process.

Is Your Association Ready for a Helping Hand?

Stansfeld, LLC Provides Association Management Which Leads to Growth

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Wherever your management is struggling, Stansfeld, LLC can help. Contact us today and let us take the organizational management burden off your shoulders. In doing so, we'll work together to grow your association and help you reach your goals.

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