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Understanding the importance of administration and project management will lead to an association’s overall success. There is a multitude of small tasks comprising the administrative needs of an association from managing member calls to calendar and meeting planning to ongoing communications with members through newsletters and website content. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when considering the best approach to administrative and project management for associations.

Organization – It’s in the Details

Any reputable administrative professional will agree that organization and attention to detail are the keys to success. Whether managing the daily needs of the association or a specific project, a cohesive, organized approach with a consistent focus on the details will ensure success. With the significant number of tasks and action items that will be generated in a given project, the administrative professional is able to maintain an overall view and keep the focus on each detail as it applies to the big picture to see the project to successful completion.

Keeping the Project on Track – Communication is Key

With so many moving parts, project management is most effective and successful when the needs of the admin are met. To ensure their success for the association, remember to:
• Clearly define the time of the given project from the start date to the expected date of completion
• Provide budget requirements and expectations to ensure spending is within desired guidelines to control any associated costs
• Respond to inquiries by the admin regarding the project in a timely manner (this should be predetermined between the parties)
• Define clearly what resources will be available for the project at the onset as well as their availability throughout the project timeline

Communication between the admin and the association will strengthen the relationship as well as deliver the overall success of daily management and projects.

Be Flexible and Consistent – It’s Normal to Make Changes

On any given day, there exists a list of items to be addressed, discussed, handled, and/or resolved. Of course, on that same day, changes will inevitably arise which shift the primary focus. A successful admin can handle these changes and shift priorities while consistently making progress on the demands of projects currently in play. It is normal for the best-laid plans to require a reprioritization and when this occurs, consistency is the key. Having the right admin at the helm, with the skills to manage the daily administrative needs of the association with smart decision-making abilities, means your association can focus elsewhere knowing these needs are consistently and reliably met.

Understanding What Stansfeld Can Do for You

At Stansfeld LLC, we know that having a reliable and value-add resource to support your administrative and project management needs can allow additional focus on the broader goals of the association. With the right administrative professional in place, you can expect a worry-free resource who focuses on the details and gets the job done. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide the support and flexibility to make your project a success.