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If you’d like your association to run smoothly, implementing systems and procedures is essential. Both systems and procedures will ensure things get done even when you’re out of the office. Let’s take a closer look at the difference between systems and procedures as well as the importance of both.

What Are Systems and Procedures?

A system is designed to help you accomplish a complete cycle from start to finish. Procedures are the tasks within the system which allow the system to function. Although you may not realize it, you utilize many systems on a daily basis. For example, consider your nightly routine. You may come home from work, go to your child’s sporting event, come home again, prepare and eat dinner, take a shower, watch a bit of television, and get ready for bed.

Your nightly routine is a system which consists of a number of different procedures. You have a procedure for what you do as soon as you come home, when and where you go to your child’s sporting event, how you prepare and eat dinner, what you do when you take a shower, how you watch TV, and the way you get ready for bed. This system may vary depending on the day or season but will exist in some form throughout your year.

If one of the procedures in your nightly routine doesn’t go as planned, your system may fail. Think about it. If there is an accident on your way home from work, you may not make it to your child’s sporting event and pick up dinner at a local fast food joint rather than cooking dinner like you normally would.

Now let’s think of systems and procedures in terms of your association. You likely have a system for performing monthly bookkeeping. The procedures involved may include verifying that all appropriate parties have been invoiced for the month, making sure all bills have been paid, reconciling bank accounts using monthly statements, and updating your budget.

How to Create an Effective Procedure

If you’d like to create effective procedures for the systems in your association, there are several tips you should follow. First and foremost, document all procedures and ensure they are consistent by using a template. Next, make sure the procedure is written clearly and can be easily followed by anyone in your association. Last but not least, use command statements instead of complete sentences as they are far easier to follow.


Why Are Systems So Important?

Your association needs systems to support tasks like project management, event and meeting planning, time and task management, filing, and travel planning. When systems are followed, everything is likely to get done efficiently. Effective systems mean not having to worry about a particular task or initiative falling through the cracks. Systems can set boundaries, encourage repeatable patterns, and provide your association with consistent results time after time.

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