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Email marketing is a powerful marketing tactic that associations of all shapes and sizes can use to help build strong member relationships, develop its own unique brand, position itself as an expert, and increase membership and participation.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of email marketing is that it’s one of the least expensive marketing strategies out there. If you’re interested in implementing email marketing campaigns for your association, be sure to keep these tips and best practices in mind.

Create a Compelling Subject Line

A subject line can mean the difference between a potential or current member reading your email or tossing it in the trash. That’s why, it’s essential to create a compelling subject line that can catch their attention. It should be short, sweet, and to the point.

Have a Call to Action

A call to action tells a visitor to do something. Examples include:

  • Buttons on web pages – A few of the more frequently used CTA buttons on the web include:
    • Call Now
    • Download
    • Buy Now
    • RSVP
  • Forms – Forms are great CTAs as they allow you the ability to capture specific information about your visitors.
  • Phone numbers – It seems simple but listing your Association’s phone number clearly across the site is an easy call to action.

When designing an email, ask yourself what you’d like readers to do after reading it. Would you like them to RSVP to a meeting or event, become a member, or donate to a charity? Once you determine your call to action, make sure it’s highly visible. Also, it’s very important to test all email links ahead of sending to ensure the CTAs are properly linked to the corresponding page.

Ensure Personalization

The more personalized your email is, the more likely someone is to read it and take action. Therefore, be sure to send out emails that include the recipient’s first name and other details such as their membership level, previous events they’ve attended, and when they’ll need to renew their membership.

Offer Incentives

Be sure to offer incentives in most of your emails. Incentives such as a free lunch at the next meeting, discounts to a speaker event, early registration to an event, or free gifts with your logo are sure to catch a reader’s attention and encourage your members to continue to read your emails.

Share Valuable Content

In addition to sending emails related to meetings and events, consider sending emails that contain valuable content. For example, if you’re a nursing association for nurses in Virginia, you may want to send out an email any time there is a new continuing education requirement or there is a new technology nurses in the state may find valuable.

Time Emails Appropriately

Too much of anything is never a good thing. This statement holds true for email marketing. If you send out too many emails, your members may get annoyed and you may begin to appear spammy. Try to time your emails appropriately and only send them a few times a month if possible.

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