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Association Management

Association Management Enables Growth

The focus of an association should be to provide value to its members, while at the same time, endeavoring to grow membership and increase attendance at annual events.

Why, then, do so many associations struggle to accomplish these goals?

The reality is that too many associations struggle to effectively manage their organizations. Whether it’s turnover on the board, poor record keeping and accounting practices, or simply a lack of resources to stay in touch with members, organizational management is the roadblock hindering growth.

How Stansfeld Solves the Organization Management Problem

At Stansfeld, LLC we know the management struggles associations face because we see them every day. As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that poor management hinders growth. It’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive association management program, which includes the following services:

  • Membership Management – Member registration and renewals, membership correspondence, board and chapter correspondence, and ongoing membership support.
  • Event Planning – From large annual conferences and trade shows, to quarterly board meetings and chapter events. We plan, manage, and execute logistics; ensuring your event is a success for your members.
  • Strategic Planning – We build the organizational roadmap which will empower your association to reach its goals.
  • Leadership – Whether we’re acting as your association’s executive director, or attending board meetings, we provide consistency in leadership and organizational focus.
  • Financial Management – Creating and monitoring budgets, maintaining records, tracking and making payments, and more.

Guide to Growing Your Association

Growing an association can be challenging. Download our
FREE guide and discover some helpful tips and advice from those who know what it takes to effectively grow an association.

Effective Management Leads to Growth

An association is a business. Like any business, success can only be achieved with a clear vision, smart goals, and focused execution. Leadership provides the vision and management executes that vision. No matter how great the vision, without great management of people and processes, that vision will never be realized.

At Stansfeld, LLC, we know what it takes to effectively run and manage businesses. Because of our unique entrepreneurial experience, we offer more than another set of hands to perform administrative tasks. We work with our associations to help them:

  • Define or Refine their Vision
  • Set S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • Execute the Tasks Needed to Accomplish Those Goals.

With a plan in place and a partner like Stansfeld,
LLC. managing it for you, your association can and will reach
your goals and grow in the process.

Is Your Association Ready for a Helping Hand?

Stansfeld, LLC Provides Association Management Which Leads to Growth

Event Planning and Management

Strategic Planning and Execution


Financial Management

Wherever your management is struggling, Stansfeld, LLC can help. Contact us today and let us take the organizational management burden off your shoulders. In doing so, we'll work together to grow your association and help you reach your goals.

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