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If your membership is not diverse, you could be missing out on the voice of different perspectives and the ability to sustain your association in the future. Adding younger members to your association, and keeping them, can be challenging. Here are 3 innovative tactics for attracting and retaining younger prospects to ensure growth, diversity, and sustainability.


1. Technology Is Key

Millennials entered this world during the birth of the internet, meaning they were exposed to technology from the beginning. This makes them incredibly tech-savvy, meaning marketing to them must be done through technology. Your association must:

  • Be present and consistently active on social media platforms through active engagement in these spaces. It is not enough to have a Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account; you must be actively sharing content and interacting with posts, replies, photos, and videos.
  • Develop an app for the exclusive use of your association’s members. Not only is this an expectation with the younger prospects, but it will also provide another opportunity for real-time interaction and feedback. Be sure to market your app, its benefits, and value through your social media channels.
  • Have a well-built website that is consistently updated with current information and offerings about your association. Ensure that navigation is simple and worthwhile for the user. Remember, this is a tech-savvy audience with high expectations, so engagement is key to attract and retain them.


2. Share How Your Association Makes a Difference

Younger generations are even more focused on feeling fulfilled, both personally and professionally; therefore, sharing how your association does this can be a strong tool when attracting and retaining them. Consider:

  • Using your website and social media platforms to highlight your association’s involvement in community causes and/or organizations. By raising their awareness, these potential younger members will be driven to engage your association. Share special events that focus on this involvement. If feasible, invite them to join you and experience this for themselves. If your association is not currently participating in this way, start now!
  • Be sure that potential new members have a clear understanding of how joining your association will allow them to contribute to the greater good.


3. Recruit New Members Personally

Even though social media is key in connecting and recruiting younger members, there is still no replacement for the personal touch. Call prospective new members directly, and:

  • Invite them to an upcoming event your association is hosting so they can experience what you do first-hand
  • Offer a short trial membership of 30 days with a discounted rate if they decide to join annually
  • Assemble current members of the targeted age group you are focused on to make it more appealing to prospects; hearing from their peers might provide that needed push.

Keep in mind that as you continue to grow your association with younger members, you will need to be consistent in your dialogue with them. Ask them how the association can help them and continue to execute on these requests. Remember, these young professionals will be faced with new challenges in their respective careers and in their personal lives. This provides an ongoing opportunity for the association to support them, encourage them to recruit others in their peer groups, and move the association successfully into the future.

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