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Associations often ask us what they should be doing on their website to attract new members. In today’s world of digital and content marketing, there’s an abundance of content which can and should be created to not only attract new members but also add value to existing members.
Every trade association should have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place to help guide and facilitate their growth. Digital and content marketing will live within the larger plan, and should include the following cornerstone elements:

Persona Development

If the concept of persona development isn’t new in the digital marketing world but may be new to you. According to inbound marketing leader, Hubspot,

“A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. When creating your buyer persona(s), consider including customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. The more detailed you are, the better.”

When looking at persona development for your association, consider polling or interviewing existing members to create an ideal. Delving in and attempting to understand their behavior better as it relates to the web will allow you to focus marketing effort on similarly profiled prospects. For example, if you find that each of the members you speak with follows the same blog or frequently visit the same sites, you might run ads on those sites for new membership.

Maintain a Blog

While blogs may seem cliché and overdone, they are a cornerstone element of any good site for several reasons, which include:

• A blog provides an association a platform to speak about the issues that concern their members and industry.
• A blog allows for better search engine ranking as regularly published content with searched key terms is valued by search engines like Google.
• A blog offers associations a reason to regularly communicate with existing members.

When done well, a blog can be an association’s digital ace in the hole. Every article is a digital asset that can generate leads long after the article is published.

Integrate Social Media

If your association isn’t regularly posting on social media, you’re missing an excellent opportunity to connect and interact with members and new prospective members.
Whether you’re posting links to your published blog articles or merely sharing an industry-related headline, your social media posts can act as persuasive communication and recruitment tools. We recommend setting up company pages on the big 3 platforms:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Linkedin

Use your personal social media accounts to help push and drive visitors to like and follow your association’s company page. Those who do will then have a centralized area to find, read, and share the content you’re publishing.

Stay the Course

As with any marketing effort, the key is consistency over time. All too often we see associations start strong, then fizzle after a few months. This is especially true if the effort and investment isn’t showing a quick return. Content and digital marketing is a long game. Understanding this going in will help establish reasonable expectations.

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