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Digital marketing is more popular today than ever before. It has enabled organizations of all shapes and sizes to meet (and exceed) their goals. If your association has not incorporated digital marketing into its strategic plan, it’s missing out. Let’s dive deeper into how digital marketing can help your association grow.

Capture New Members

Are you trying to increase your membership base? If so, digital marketing is an invaluable resource. We recommend using digital marketing techniques like:

  • Organic Search Optimization
  • Paid Search
  • Social Media
  • Email Campaigns

These techniques, in addition to others, will help capture the attention of the target demographics you’d like to enroll as members of your association. For example, if yours is an association for nurses in Austin, Texas, your digital content can be curated and geotargeted to specifically attract RNs and LPNs in that region of the Lone Star State.

Act as a Thought Leader

One of the easiest and most effective ways to position your association as a thought leader is to develop relevant blog articles and press releases that can be hosted on your website and shared on social media.

Let’s use the example above and say that yours is an association for nurses in Austin, TX. You may want to produce content that discusses continuing education requirements for Austin, Texas nurses, new laws affecting nurses in the state, and other relevant issues affecting nurses in that region. By staying up-to-date with relevant issues, your association will not only add value to its membership base, but it will become the place where nurses in Austin go to see what’s happening in their field. 

Garner Better Attendance at Events

If your association would like to increase event attendance, digital marketing can help. Digital ads placed on social media, your association’s website, and at the bottom of every blog will make your event more visible than any single announcement or email ever could. You can develop email campaigns for upcoming events or create events on Facebook and other social media platforms; sharing them with your network. Online community calendars can help promote your event and boost attendance as well.

Create Value for Members

A quality website that’s updated on a regular basis can help you gain new members and retain existing ones. As long as your website offers valuable information and captures the attention of current and prospective members without being too salesy, it can help you grow your association. The key is in providing real value to members with every piece of content you produce.

Interact with Members

Digital marketing platforms can offer your association the opportunity to interact with your members and the general public. Whether you post a question on social media, send out an email and ask members to RSVP to an event, or allow for comments on your blog posts, you’ll be interacting with your members and engaging them with your association.

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