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Digital Marketing

Association Marketing for the 21st Century

Member habits have changed. Gone are the days of picking up the phone and asking for information. In today’s digital age, prospective members are going to do their own research well ahead of dialing their phone. What will they see when they visit your website?

Digital marketing will significantly enhance your association’s chances of capturing new members. It will help increase attendance at events, add value for existing members, and when done effectively, will position your association as a thought leader in your industry.

Digital Marketing Serves Your Strategic Plan

Your strategic plan outlines your mission, vision, and goals. Effective digital marketing serves that plan by systematically distributing and delivering valuable, focused content to your members and prospective members. Elements of digital marketing for associations include:

  • Website Design and Development – Whether your association’s site needs a minor update or major overhaul, we can help. We will align your website to your strategic plan through the creation of clear calls-to-action, a focused blog, landing pages, and downloadable content. The design will center around engaging prospects and members.
  • Campaign Management – Creating an effective campaign starts with a targeted message and a clear call-to-action. When the message is ready, it’s positioned and distributed to a targeted audience through any combination of email, social media advertising, guest blogging, paid search, etc. Once run, the results and effectiveness of the campaign are analyzed and reported.
  • Social Media Management – Digital marketing requires a strong social media presence. In today’s digital world, social media platforms are where content gets consumed, liked, and shared. It’s also where the engagement and conversations about what you’re producing and publishing happen. When effectively managed, social media can act as a powerful tool in helping your association realize growth.
  • Content Creation and Search Engine Optimization – Authentically authored content will engage readers and help your association get found by those searching. Google wants to see relevant, current content being regularly published. Layering key search terms into regularly written blogs will offer your association the best chance to be “organically” discovered.

Guide to Growing Your Association

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Digital Marketing Packages

Experience has taught us that when it comes to digital marketing for associations, a “one-size fits all” approach doesn’t work because associations aren’t all one-size. Additionally, some associations may have different goals, different budgets, and different levels of existing digital marketing already in place. It’s in that spirit we’ve created our Association Digital Marketing (ADM) packages. Most associations typically fit into one of the categories below. If you feel like yours doesn’t, contact us and we’ll create a custom digital marketing solution for your association.

ADM Basic

6-Month Program Which Includes:

  • Copy for up to 3 website pages
  • 2 blog articles per month (12 total)
  • SEO research for up to 10 search terms
  • Basic competitor analysis
  • Basic Social media review and setup

Cost: $490/mo

ADM Enhanced

6-Month Program Which Includes:

  • Copy for up to 5 website pages
  • 4 SEO optimized blog articles per month (24 total)
  • One Top of Funnel Offer (white paper, guide, tip sheet, etc.)
  • SEO research for up to 25 search terms
  • Basic competitor analysis
  • Basic social media management and outreach

Cost: $1,075/mo

ADM Premium

12-Month Program Which Includes:

  • Copy for up to 10 website pages
  • 4 SEO optimized blog articles per month (24 total)
  • Four Top of Funnel Offers (white paper, guide, tip sheet, etc.)
  • PDF Design of Top of Funnel Offers
  • SEO research for up to 50 search terms
  • Enhanced competitor analysis
  • Distribution (via email) of 4 Offers as well as a monthly blog roundup newsletter
  • Fully outsourced social management including active daily outreach

Cost: $1,599/mo

Stansfeld can help your association reach its growth goals. Digital marketing will undoubtedly play an essential role in achieving them.

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