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Event Planning

Flawless Event Planning for Associations

Event planning can be difficult and time-consuming for associations with small or volunteer staff. Keeping track of budgets, negotiations, registrants, speakers, logistics, publicity, and other particulars requires the attention to detail that only comes with professionals who do this on a regular basis.

When your association’s members attend your event, whether in-person or virtual, you want them to benefit from the flawlessness of a well-executed event. At Stansfeld, we understand the purpose of your events – to build and strengthen relationships with your members.

We take care of the details. You take care of your members.

Shine Brightest at Your Event

Events are where associations have their greatest opportunity to shine. Create memorable experiences for attendees and grow your association through:

  • Planning and Design – We’ll work with you to select the venue, design the floor plan, manage the speakers, select the vendors, and build a first-class event which will leave a lasting impression on your members.
  • Member Registration and Support – In addition to registration, we’ll handle any ongoing support for members. Whether it’s a travel question or an event-related question, we’ll handle it personally and professionally.
  • Branding and Marketing – We’ll handle all the branding and marketing in-house to take the burden off your members. From graphics and program management to social media, website, and email campaigns, we generate excitement for your members.
  • Venue Management – We’ll work with venues up to 24 months in advance to ensure your event location is secured. We negotiate contracts with the venue and set the specs for exhibitors.
  • Accounting Management – We’ll work with you to make sure events stay within budget. We also handle and manage payments and receivables.

Guide to Growing Your Association

Growing an association can be challenging. Download our
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A Lasting Experience

Annual conferences are the big events for associations, but they aren’t the only events. At Stansfeld, we create and manage a variety of events for our associations, including:

  • Virtual Events
  • Hybrid Events
  • Monthly Luncheons
  • Quarterly Board Meetings
  • Bar Crawls
  • Team Building Retreats
  • Strategic Planning Meetings

Whether it’s your virtual monthly meeting or an in-person annual conference, we plan your event with the passion and attention to detail no other association management company can match.

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