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Financial Management

Careful, Comprehensive Book Keeping

Associations have unique, complex accounting challenges.

When we review the accounting records of a new association, we often discover reporting errors, inaccuracies, and other accounting issues. These issues can arise because of staff turnover, poor training, or a lack of understanding of association bookkeeping and accounting best practices.

Meticulous Money Management is Key to Association Growth

Effective financial management starts by implementing processes based on association financial management best practices. A few of these practices include:

  • Creating Internal Policies and Controls
  • Creating Annual Operating Budgets
  • Creating Realistic Operating Expenses
  • Ensuring Membership Dues Are Managed and Collected in a Timely Fashion
  • Creating Financial Goals That Align With Your Strategic Plan

Guide to Growing Your Association

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Benefits of Outsourced Financial Management

When your association chooses to outsource financial management to Stansfeld, LLC., you’ll get:

  • A Proven System which follows Association and Non-Profit Best Practices
  • Consistent and Accurate Reporting and Records Maintenance
  • Payment Oversight and Reconciliation
  • Operational Budgets Which Align With Your Strategic Plan
  • Fundraising Expertise

Stansfeld is here to add value, oversight, and proper fiscal management for your association.

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Financial Management

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