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There is always room for improvement. Most organizations can benefit from streamlining existing processes which translates to an increase in revenue. This can be accomplished by:

  • Saving time in labor hours
  • Increasing accuracy through automation
  • Focusing more on most meaningful, value-add work versus repetitive tasks
  • Reducing the length of the sales cycles leading to more sales

Let’s consider what action is needed to make this happen so that you can be most successful in your streamlining efforts.


Understanding the Process, Prioritize and Document

The first, and most important, step is to identify processes and break them down into manageable components simply and concisely while keeping the desired result in mind. Next, rank the steps in order of importance to ensure the workflow is properly maintained on execution. Be sure to document the process with clear details – most individuals cannot carry out every step of a process from memory. This first exercise will be the foundation of your streamlining improvements.


How to Streamline Processes

1. Identify and Document

Now that it’s time to begin streamlining your process, understand where there will be some errors and miscommunications with the change. Consider software tools, including apps, that are specifically designed to support teams with workflow and processes. Any options that can be added will only further simplify the new process and create success and added revenue. And remember, you documented the new process, so be sure your organization has access and can easily and readily rely on that documentation as well.

2. Test and Adjust

Now that you have identified the processes to streamline, it’s time to put this into action in the live work environment to see how they respond. Putting the new process into action, be sure to identify how each step works and documents the results. This testing will allow you to adjust the new process for the most successful outcome.

As you implement these improved processes is likely you will have a decrease in needed labor hours as well as improved accuracy in results. This will also allow the identification of under-performing staff who can be additionally trained or moved out of the position. With the new processes in place, those high performing individuals are now equipped to focus their time on value-add work that equals greater revenue versus repetitive tasks that waste time.

Be patient and thorough. This investment of your time and effort may seem a bit daunting now, but in the end, will pay out in greater time savings and more revenue which is the organization’s ultimate goal!

3. Take Action

Once you have refined the new process and worked through implementing any adjustments, the new streamlined process is ready to go. Be sure to consistently innovate and improve your processes to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. Documentation of your processes should be readily available to the organization and should be audited with regularity to identify and potential changes. Remember, all this time and effort being streamlined leads to increased revenue.


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