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The use of content marketing is an effective strategy to increase awareness of – and drive attendance to – your next event. Understanding what it is and how to use this approach successfully is important. Let’s discuss content marketing and how to use it to supplement your upcoming events.


1. What Is Content Marketing

First, let’s define content marketing in simple terms. Content marketing is a strategic technique to develop, create, and share relevant content with a specific and defined audience. This will attract and grow your desired audience with the goal of generating profitable customer actions. Here are a few examples of content marketing, each of which can be utilized in conjunction with an upcoming event.

  • Infographics – vertical graphics, usually lengthy in content, which include visual components such as graphs, charts, statistics, and other supporting information. These types of material can be easily shared on social media, sent via email, and posted to websites.
  • Podcasts – a digital audio file created and available on the web usually in a series, of which new installments are generated and received by subscribers automatically. This allows for more in-depth information, including events, to be shared and promoted about your organization.
  • Videos – an easy-to-digest option for sharing content quickly and directly with your target audience. Video can be used before the event to garner excitement or after the event to recap.


2. Understand the Why of Your Content Marketing

For most, the first thought in the marketing approach is to consider what and where, whether it’s to write a blog post, post to Facebook, publish a video. But this is not the first step. First and foremost, determine why you are doing it as it relates to your event:

  • Increase attendance at the event?
  • Promote and sell products and services to attendees?
  • Create new sales opportunities for your organization and/or for partners of the event?
  • Drive more attendees to specific components/offerings at the event?
  • Grow your audience (membership) post-event?

Be specific in identifying your key goals and write them down. Remember that content marketing must bring you value; otherwise, it’s just content for content’s sake.


3. Using Your Current Assets in Your Content Marketing

Before you create new, be aware of what you have in your current arsenal and utilize them in your content marketing for the event, including:

  • Written articles and other printed material
  • Books and/or eBooks
  • Video and other presentations from previous events
  • Podcasts or audio interviews
  • Any digital images from previous events and/or current marketing

Once you have compiled the above and selected those items that would be relevant to your upcoming event, you can begin to consider additional and original content, including:

  • Presenters / Speakers / Exhibitors of the upcoming event and their current content (such as articles, podcasts, videos, and blogs)
  • Employee, staff, or membership content that is relevant and focused
  • Content from influencers in the community of the target audience (attendees)


4. Content Marketing Materials Assembled – Now Where Do They Go?

This is the final component of the process. You’ve done all the work of gathering, analyzing, creating, and assembling the best of the best of your materials to provide solid content marketing. Now that you’re ready, you’ll need to place this content in the proper channels to meet the goals set in #2. Content marketing can be used in a variety of channels before, during, and after your event.


  • Prior to the event – post content to social media to encourage attendance; provide glimpses into the event that entice and engage with valuable content that makes the audience want more, leading to increased attendance. This can be done in the month, weeks, and days leading up to the event.
  • During the event – have infographics, video, and interactive opportunities for the attendees to engage and learn more; be sure to provide them with the information to revisit these materials, blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. after the event concludes.
  • Use your content marketing to follow up with attendees via email and on social media sites to engage and encourage feedback and future relationships.

As you plan any event, be sure to include content marketing as a supplement to your strategy to accomplish your goals and make your event a value-add to the organization.


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