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Leadership & Governance

Consistent Leadership Fosters Growth

Board turnover is an unfortunate reality at many associations. As an association leader, there are certain strategies you can use to better manage board turnover and ensure your board fulfills your needs as well as the needs of your association.

One of the best ways to maintain consistency at the board level is to work with a third party like Stansfeld. The leadership team at Stansfeld, LLC. have a proven track record of driving growth in both nonprofit and private sector businesses. As a permanent leader within your association, Stansfeld will offer consistency and expertise, helping to maximize the talent and desire of each board member, while maintaining a steady eye on the mission and culture.

Thoughtful Governance Advances The Mission

Sound association governance focuses on the processes for making and implementing ethical decisions that will continue to advance an association’s principles and mission. Association governance has a dual focus: achieving the organization’s primary mission and continually  ensuring the association remains viable.

Stansfeld helps associations better govern by:

  • Working With the Board to Create Governance Guidelines
  • Regularly Reviewing Performance Against Goals and Guidelines
  • Ensuring Board Members are Effective and Thriving
  • Working With the Board to Foster Transparency and Honest Communication With Members.

Guide to Growing Your Association

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Benefits of Stansfeld Leadership

When your association chooses to outsource leadership and governance to Stansfeld, LLC., you’ll realize:

  • Consistency in Leadership and Cooperation with Current and New Board Members
  • Sound and Thoughtful Governance
  • Leadership Expertise Which Will Foster Growth Within Your Association
  • Focus on Achieving the Association’s Mission and Vision

Stansfeld is here to add value, consistency, and expertise with highly qualified leadership.

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