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As the President or manager of your association, you already know and understand the important role your board provides. As its governing body, an effective board is invaluable as it can help keep current members happy, attract prospective members, and allow your association to thrive for years to come. Regardless of the type or size of your association, these tips can help you increase the effectiveness of your board.

Educate Board Members

When joining the association, new board members should receive as much education as is possible and necessary to offer. It’s great to have a document that outlines the vision of the organization along with any short and long terms goals that have been outlined so new board members have a solid frame of reference upon which to make decisions. Ensure they know the mission of your association as well as the rules and laws that govern it. Also, inform them how the board has operated in the past and what changes you’d like to implement to improve it. If there are any industry-related issues, ensure they have adequate resources available to understand what they are and how they can help.

Ensure Responsibilities are Clear

It can be a real challenge for board members to work together and get things done when it’s unclear who is responsible for what. Each board member should understand their duties and how their participation can best enhance the organization. When each board member knows what’s expected of them, the board will operate more effectively.

Make Financial Management a Priority 

Since financial health is one of the greatest assets of any organization, it’s vital for your board members to develop a budget and stay on top of all of the financial aspects of your association. Consider hiring a third party who can assist the board in understanding the current financial picture as well as forecasts and expenses. Doing so will not only ensure financial stability but will provide consistency over time as board members change.

Evaluate Board Members

Board members should receive ongoing (scheduled) feedback about how they’re doing. Take the time to give one-on-one evaluations to current members so they know what their strengths are as well as what they need to do to improve their weaknesses. A board member may believe they are doing a good job when others disagree. Regular reviews are essential element in maintaining the health of the organization.

Run Meetings Properly

A successful association has highly effective and efficient meetings. Scheduled meetings with a clear agenda will ensure all board members come prepared and ready to participate.  Properly run meetings allow an association’s board to make the best use of their time and avoid distractions that may deter them from achieving their underlying goals. 

Avoid Micromanaging

Each board member was invited to sit on your board based on a set of skills they possess which can further the mission of the association. Board members are typically highly capable individuals who bring a ton of experience with them. Allow them the freedom to use their unique skills to help your association grow.

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