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Stansfeld is committed to offering strategic services that enable organizational leaders to focus their time and attention on the pursuit of their association’s mission and vision. We understand their vision cannot be achieved without considerate care for the association’s members, and, to that end, Stansfeld is well-positioned to offer the critical day-to-day services that support the association’s leaders through service to their members.

Stansfeld is proud to announce the creation of our Membership Services division, with a focus on specializing in caring for your association’s prospective and current members. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Our Membership Services team is dedicated to timely responses regarding enrollment, membership information, association benefits, and other inquiries.

Ari Hartung, Stansfeld’s Director of Operations, has expressed, “We felt our clients needed to focus their efforts on matters that push their organizations forward and not be bogged down by administrative tasks. The creation of this department ensures members’ needs are being met in a timely manner, ultimately strengthening the relationships between the association and its members.”

As our team learns about your members’ needs through their inquiries, we can collaborate with you to provide customized care that ensures our Membership Services division is aligned with your leadership’s goals and priorities.

For more information about our commitment to your association’s members, please contact us.