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Tactical Planning & Execution

Growth Can’t Happen Without a Plan

Associations don’t grow by accident. Strategic planning and execution is at the heart of what allows associations who have hit a plateau to break through and realize steady new growth in membership.

Make time for planning. Wars are won in the General’s Tent.” ~ Stephen Covey

A strategic plan acts as a roadmap which will guide you from where you are now to where it is you want to be. The strategic plan provides clarity, focus, and direction for the entire association.

How a Strategic Plan Fosters Growth

Associations without a strategic plan tend to either become set in their ways or wander aimlessly. Priorities don’t exist or they are constantly changing. Morale degrades because job descriptions and expectations aren’t clear. Strategic planning will address these problems by focusing on:

  • Mission – A clearly defined and meaningful mission answers the question, “Why does your association exist?” It focuses on your purpose and reason for being.
  • Accountability Management – Associations are like many other businesses in that they then to put more focus on the day-to-day rather than the big picture. Without an accountability partner, strategic plans tend to fizzle. This is why Stansfeld, LLC. ensures adherence by acting as your accountability partner.
  • Vision – Where do you want your association to go or become? Creating a vision allows you to paint a vivid picture of where you’d ultimately like to be three, five, and ten-years from now. Vision provides the finish line for your association’s map.
  • Plan – Getting from where your association is today to where you’d like it to be in five or ten years is going to take a lot of hard work. The plan is the physical document that outlines how you’re going to achieve your association’s goals.
  • Goal Setting – A big part of the planning process revolves around goal setting. Goals act as milestones along your growth journey. Both long and short-term goals are created as part of your plan, and tasks to achieve these goals are mapped and plotted.

Guide to Growing Your Association

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The Value of the Plan

A well-developed and executed strategic plan will provide a ton of value to your association. In addition to the value of focusing on the big picture of your association, strategic planning will offer:

  • Longevity – associations actively working on where they want to go as an organization will outlive those who don’t. Building and growing an association takes work and focus. A strategic plan will provide a narrow, laser-like focus for the entire organization.
  • A Better Sense of Direction – When people know where they want to be, they tend to have a better attitude and are more fulfilled in their job.
  • Ability to be Proactive – Too many associations and businesses react to what’s happening to them rather than predicting and forecasting potential pitfalls in advance. Strategic planning will allow your association to look out into the future and stay ahead of the game rather than always reacting.

At Stansfeld, LLC., we know what it takes to help an association grow. As entrepreneurs and executives, we’ve grown several successful businesses. None of that growth would have been possible without a well-defined and executed strategic plan. Let us help your association start its journey to growth today!

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